For display signage to create maximum impact it must be bright, bold and a completely unique area of space. Fantasy Prints can use canvas prints or mounted acrylic displays to give your display a special personal touch and create something bespoke to your business or promotion.

Present information, activities and events or create a work of art with the use of our display materials. 

Displays or display signs can be any particular areas of your premises that you really want to stand out or want people to notice. This could be a sale area, exhibition wall or wall display that you want to draw people toward.

A mixture of different display material usually makes for the most impactful display area. Transforming an area is possible with creative input from one of our designers and each of our centres have specialist design staff who can provide you with stunning design ideas or work with you on your own vision for display signage. 

For the best mix of display materials Fantasy Signs can offer display signs that include the following: 

  • Canvas Prints
  • Printed wall paper
  • Cable and rod mounted systems
  • Acrylic displays
  • Wall graphics
  • Portable banner systems

Displays can be illuminated and portable in case you decide to move your display around for events or promotional meetings.

In addition, sign display technology has advanced in recent years, one outcome of which is self-adhesive reusable wallpaper. The use of custom wallpaper in displays can create a powerful effect. 

Benefits of working with Fantasy Prints

The possibilities are endless with the use of display signs, whether you are advertising an event or needing to make an open area attractive, we can assist you.

We help your designs become reality from concept to installation.

  • Fully trained team
  • From concept to installation
  • Recognise your needs
  • Temporary or permanent solutions
  • Experienced in finding the right products
  • Small or large scale projects