Dry Wipe &
White Boards

Communicate with your customers, team members and employees more effectively with a drywipe / whiteboard. This is an effective and low cost way of communicating within the workplace and being able to manage your own messages as and when necessary.

Dry Wipe & White Boards

Our drywipe / whiteboards are easy to use and maintain, requiring very little additional equipment and their customisation potential make them easy to align with your business and organisational objectives. 

Drywipe / whiteboards are multi-purpose as they are also magnetic so documents and other items can be attached. They can also be a useful prop during teaching or presentations – both to highlight key points and as a background for projections.

Their flexibility makes them useful in a wide range of circumstances:

  • Improve communication within your workplace - drywipe / whiteboards can be used for monitoring, scheduling, group calendars, shared projects and much more.
  • Better communicate with your customers with menu boards or directional signage.
  • Drywipe / whiteboards lend themselves to any learning environment or business meetings
Drywipe / whiteboard customisation is not only possible, it is encouraged! Anything from custom maps for the classroom, to colourful charts to highlight project metrics can be created – feel free to call us to discuss how we can meet your whiteboard needs.

Ideal for use in manufacturing environments as a lean manufacturing and quality management tool. We can also supply shadow boards for manufacturing or industrial environments.