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How to stand out with Backlit Graphics

White Ink with Backlit Graphics

How to stand out with Backlit Graphics

For truly dramatic backlit displays, EFI’s multi-layer and white ink technology lets you alter and enhance the appearance of an image when it’s back lit. Combine the printing technique with a dynamic, programmable lightbox to create extraordinary animated images.

Watch the video below to see a large dual/day night print on display at the EFI Global Inkjet Innovation Center in Londonderry, NH. The scenic mountains image was printed on backlit fabric and installed in a Vivalyte lightbox.

To create this effect, two separate files are required for the dual day/night backlit graphic. The final image is a three-layer print: colour image, white flood, colour image.

The front image is visible when the lightbox is turned off. The white flood conceals the back image. When the lightbox is turned on, the back image is illuminated, creating an effect that is now visible.

For our display, Vivalyte created a custom script to sequentially illuminate the grid of programmable, white LED lights in the lightbox. When the lightbox is turned on, colors from the back image of the print are revealed, creating the realistic northern lights effect shown in the video.

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How to stand out with Backlit Graphics