Lets Meet Again

Let's Meet Again - make this summer special when we get to meet each other again!

Personalised Printed Deckchair

Probably every one of had an opportunity to sit in a deckchair. The product is widely known, liked and perfect for summer events. A foldable wooden construction makes transport and storage easy. Replaceable graphic on waterproof material. It's easy to assemble and wash.

Personalised Printed Directors Chair

A director chair is an exceptional piece of furniture which will give every event the Hollywood glamour. The construction is made of solid wood. Printed on waterproof material with an option to easy replace the seat and backrest. The graphics can be washed. Small sizes of the foldable construction make storage, transport and use easy. The chair is extremely light, it weighs just 5kg!

Personalised Printed Tent

A promotional tent is another product for outdoor events. It can be easily used as an interesting fair stand. Our tents give a wide range of wall configurations and possibilities to place any graphics on their external surfaces. This is available in two basic sizes. Big and small tent walls can be arranged together in may ways. A robust aluminium tent frame from hexagonal cross-section profiles, a practical transport bag, a set of four pins and the additional hammer! Both the roof and walls are made of waterproof material

Personalised Printed Feather Flags

These flags come in various sizes and shapes. A great way to promote your event. Various fixings including ground spike and water base available. Easy to put up and take down. Very lightweight.

Personalised Printed SmartBox

SmartBox is an innovative, wide-range product that combines the functions of a basket, a carrier case, a table, a seat, and a bin, all in one. The product is lightweight, made of durable cardboard, has a simple and functional design, which makes it easy to fold and transport.

Personalised Printed Bean Bag

Personalised printed bean bags are made from a waterproof material. You are free to personalise the product by using any graphics. Polystyrene pellets fill the bean bag are safely placed in an internal case, which ensures comfort and minimalised the risk of spilling. The external case is equipped with a zip, which enables its easy removal and washing.
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