Notice boards are perfect for areas of high foot-fall that need to convey information that is changed or updated on a regular basis. People instinctively notice these boards and are drawn toward their contents, making them the ideal solution if you have lots of information to display from various departments.

Available in single- or double-sided wall mounted styles or free standing units, with a modern or traditional appearance.

Noticeboards can be made in a variety of finishes including standard, satin, aluminium or a combination of brightly coloured trims. Boards can come in a range of sizes and can have a water-tight, weather-proof cover keeping them safe from abuse. They can also be lockable and illuminated from the inside.

As well as regular sized notice boards, Signs Express can create traditionally ornate noticeboards with traditional wooden edgings or with calligraphic writing similar to ones you will find at churches and outside parish council buildings. 

Even if you already have a notice board and need it refurbishing or upgrading, Fantasy Prints can match colours and fonts to original specifications to ensure the perfect signage.

Benefits of working with Fantasy Prints

We can advise on the most appropriate finish and location as we understand the importance of good communication.

We also offer refurbishment options when appropriate to update with your branding.

  • Continued correspondence with our clients
  • Established technical skills
  • Help to achieve your design ideas
  • Range of colours and personalisation
  • High quality finished results
  • Enhances communication