One way vision vinyl is a digitally printed form of window graphic that is used to enhance privacy whilst promoting your company’s marketing messages. The film is a cost effective way to secure privacy of restricted areas whilst also communicating a message of your choice.

One Way Vision Vinyl Film

Most often used on vehicle windows but also available for building windows, one-way vision vinyl film is a perforated vinyl film which allows you to see out but restricts vision in.

It can be made from any large graphic you already have in mind such as a branded design on a wall or vehicle graphic. Intricate full colour designs can be used to create an attractive addition to your window space whilst giving you one-way vision through the glass or window area.

Typical installations include large glass areas that can be used as advertising space (such as car show rooms) and other glass panelled buildings. One way vision film can be manufactured and fitted very quickly which means it can be the perfect solution when you need to temporarily obscure an area of a premises for an event or to coincide with new sales promotion.

One way vision film can obscure an area of business premises that may be untidy or is unsuitable for the public eye whilst allowing one way vision and providing a large scale advertising medium.

Modular glass or windowed areas can be taken into account when designing graphics for one way vision film with designers using different areas of an installation with different colours to provide an effective illustrated message catching the eye of passers-by.

Examples of One Way Vision Vinyl Film Work

Benefits of working with Fantasy Prints

Our one way vision vinyl film creates eye catching designs without compromising the outside light.

Primarily used for vehicle windows, our specialist films are also ideal for building windows, allowing you to see out but restricting others from looking in.

  • Obscure untidy or private areas
  • Digitally printed designs
  • Large scale advertising medium
  • Installation service available
  • Latest in green printing technology
  • Ideal for caravan sale windows