Envelope C6 Gummed

C6 100gsm White Gummed Banker Envelopes 114mm x 162mm Great for Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards and much more.

  • Brilliant for your Invites, Birthdays and other Special Occasions. Can fit A4 paper folded in quarter inside.
  • These C6 White Envelopes are 114mm x 162mm. Perfect for A6 size greeting cards, sending business cards, invites and more.
  • The envelopes are made from a high-quality 100gsm paper which give a premium quality thickness and feel for you and the receiver.
  • The flaps are Banker style with a gummed seal to ensure they remain sealed and secure.

We also have C5 White Gummed Envelopes here.


12, 20, 48, 100, 120, 160, 200, 240, 500, 1,000


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