PVC Posters

Great material for outdoor, rip-proof, waterproof posters. Our weatherproof outdoor posters are made from premium quality 220mic PVC that is waterproof and can also be wiped clean. Perfect for pavement signs, outdoor promotional events and other external signage. We print all our posters in-house using the latest LED UV large format printers using fade-resistant high-quality inks to achieve a stunning end result. The 220mic material is the best was waterproof posters for frames and pavement signs.

PVC Posters Material Overview

  • 220mic
  • Outdoor material
  • Waterproof

Uses for PVC Posters

Ideal for posters in pavement signs and frames. Can be pasted to walls and advertising spaces.

Alternative materials to PVC Posters

Synthetic is a great material for posters for pavement signs.

EasyDot is a repositionable material than can be applied to various materials including, metal, brickwork, etc

Blueback – popular for big billboards but also waterproof





220mic, 440mic