Reusable Protective Premium Fabric Face Mask for use in medical facilities – plain

A three-layer protective mask that reduces the effects of external factors on the body (such as viruses, bacteria, mould spores). Our fabric face mask has the effects of limiting harmful external factors. It does not black them completely. The outer and inner layers are sewn from Oeko-tex certified material this the mask is safe for the user’s skin.

The certificate is issued for products which are fully safe for human and environment. The middle layer is made from soft material, which is composed of the highest quality synthetic fibres. Material because of its features – high absorbability and non-dusting has been certified by the National Institute of Health and is commonly used in food, medical and pharmaceutical industry and others where the sterile working conditions are required.

The protective fabric face mask is light, comfortable and does not obstruct breathing. May be used many times, does not deform when worn or stored. Its ergonomic shape and fitting rubber bands allow comfortable wearing during various activities. Because of the high demand, the colour of the fitting bands is randomly selected.

Material: 100% Polyester and is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified Fabric Mask certified
Flame Retardant Certificate: Yes
Material Supplier: Otto Friedrich, Germany
Reusable: Yes
Washing instructions:
Plain Masks – up to 100 degrees C

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Type of mask

Plain, Custom Printed