We have a huge range of COVID-19 Sneeze Screens – Desktop version helps to protect your staff

Perfect to make your team feel safe and your customers. Ideal for Shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, production facilities, large factories, restaurants or waiting rooms.

Help reduce the contact with others, we can offer this new product which can help to limit the interpersonal contact.

Features of our Sneeze Screens
  • Printed with your logo and branding or available plain
  • Lightweight rigid white
  • Various sizes available


DESIGN 1 – 1260(w)x600(h)mm made from 10mm Correx

DESIGN 2 – 600(w)x800(h)mm made from 10mm Correx

DESIGN 3 – 1000(w)x750(h)mm made from 10mm Correx

DESIGN 4 – 750(w)x1000(h)mm made from 10mm Correx

DESIGN 5 – 600(w)x900(h)mm made from 6mm Correx

DESIGN 6 – 600(w)x776(h)mm made from 6mm Correx

DESIGN 7 – 900(w)x700(h)mm made from 5mm PVC

DESIGN 8 – 1100(w)x900(h)mm made from 5mm PVC

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1260(w)x600(h)mm, 600(w)x800(h)mm, 1000(w)x750(h)mm, 750(w)x1000(h)mm, 600(w)x900(h)mm, 600(w)x776(h)mm, 600(w)x900(h)mm, 600(w)x800(h)mm, 700(w)x900(h)mm, 1100(w)x900(h)mm