Social Distance Floor Tape – ideal for education your staff, visitors and customers of your social distancing policy. 

  • Non 2m version comes in rolls of 50mm x 66m
  • Heavy-duty PVC tape
  • Ideal for temporary floor marking
  • Helps increasing social distance awareness
  • Sticks to most clean & dry surfaces
  • Ideal for most retail stores, offices, schools, hospitals and more


How wide are the rolls of printed social distance floor tape?
The rolls are 50mm wide.

How long are the rolls of printed social distance floor tape?
The Social Distancing Tape comes in 33m or 66m rolls.

How long does it take to deliver my order?
We aim to deliver your tape within 2-3 days.

Which type of tape do I need?
For the best use, we recommend our PVC Vinyl Tape for your social distance floor tape.

Which is the best tape?
All our printed tapes are of the best quality, our customers need the tape that will do the best possible job for them, our sales team can advise on the most suitable product

How many rolls do I need to order?
We produce various roll quantities for our customers but we do have minimum order quantities, depending on the size and width of the roll. The Social Distancing tape minimum is 48 rolls per carton and the minimum order would be two cartons

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The latest Government Guidelines for businesses is available here.

With Social Distancing Measurement

Printed with 2m, No Distance Printed