Social Distancing Indoor Floor Stickers – British manufactured, great prices and easy to install 

Attract customers attention to the importance of social distancing with our social distancing stickers for floors anti-slip social distancing indoor floor stickers. Show customers your dedication to their health and wellness by personalising these anti-slip floor stickers with your own branding. Many thanks to our unbelievably rapid sticker label printing service we can print and also provide to your shop or premises in no time.

Fantasy Prints has several sizes and graphic designs for Social Distance Indoor Vinyl Floor graphics. You can also send your own design.

KernowJet FloorSharK is a unique floor graphics solution for indoor applications. It is perfect for retail stores, supermarkets & shopping centres, airports, travel hubs, convention centres, ideal for all smooth hard floors from concrete to tiling also including low pile carpets tiles.

Its unique sharkskin coating dries to a hard slip-resistant surface.

Benefits of  our Social Distancing INDOOR Floor Stickers include:

  • R10 certified
  • PTV Low Slip UK Certified
  • Certified BSL – s1 fire rated
  • Manufactured in UK
  • Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough
  • Eliminates the need to laminate
  • Sharkskin structure gives great colour gamut and high grip
  • Easy to apply & easy to remove, does not tear into small pieces when removing
  • No shrinkage – no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print
  • PVC-free and strongly tear-resistant.

Easy to install slip-resistant floor stickers

The floor graphics film is PVC-free and strongly tear-resistant, it will withstand everything from pallet trucks to stiletto heels. With its specifically developed adhesive, it is easy to apply and to reposition while applying – it will definitely not stretch or become distorted. KernowJet FloorSharK offers excellent removability; it is ideal for smaller designs like stickers as well as covering of bigger surfaces made of multiple film strips. With zero shrinkage – avoiding the risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print once applied. FloorSharK can be applied with either a butt joint or with an overlapping technique..

Fire safety accredited for public safety


Please check out our other COVID-19 safety signage solutions to help your team, visitors and customers are safe.

The latest Government Guidelines for businesses is available here.

Other floor graphics materials

Size of sticker

200mm Diameter, 300mm Diameter, 400mm Diameter, 500mm Diameter, 600mm Diameter


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