Social Distancing Outdoor Floor Stickers – easy to install 

Attract customers attention to the importance of social distancing with our anti-slip social distancing outdoors floor stickers. Show customers your dedication to their health and wellness by personalising these anti-slip social distancing outdoor floor stickers with your own branding. Many thanks to our unbelievably rapid sticker label printing service we can print and also provide to your shop or premises in no time.

A unique adhesive coated textile designed for indoor and outdoor wall and floor graphics. UTACK Multi-Surface works perfectly on carpet, wood, tile and concrete surfaces, leaving no residue. It is anti-slip to R12 standard, plus benefits from F3 and M1 fire certifications.

Fantasy Prints has several sizes and graphic designs for Social Distancing Outdoors Floor Stickers. You can also send your own design or we can design it for you using your own logo and branding.

Please check out our other COVID-19 safety signage solutions to help your team, visitors and customers are safe.

To install Social Distancing Outdoors Floor Stickers

  1. Clean the area you wish to put the sticker with a brush
  2. Make sure surface is dry
  3. Pull 1″ of backing paper back and apply to the surface
  4. Using a squeegee go over the area stuck to get rid of bubbles and make sure it grips surface
  5. Slowly pull backing back and go back and forth with the squeegee
  6. Once backing paper is completely removed use a heat gun to go over the graphic to help it grip the surface
  7. Leave 24 hours before allowing people to stand on sticker

The latest Government Guidelines for businesses is available here.

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300mm Diameter, 400mm Diameter, 500mm Diameter, 600mm Diameter, 1000mm Diameter


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