Vinyl Floor Graphics EasyDot Print N Walk – easy to install floor vinyl printing and a great advertising opportunity.

Your floor space is a great untapped advertising opportunity. With Floor Graphic EasyDot Print N Walk this product can be cut to any shape and is very easy to install. We use non-fade green ink technology to print our floor graphics. The graphics have a non-slip textured finish in compliance with UK safety regulations. They are incredibly easy to apply, are wipe-clean and can be easily removed without damaging your floor.

Vinyl Floor Graphics EasyDot Print N Walk Designed for

  • unique Floor Graphics film for Floor Graphics advertising
  • no need for any additional laminating film required
  • extremely easy and bubble-free to apply due to the “easy dot” adhesive technology, even when applied by an untrained person
  • suitable for indoor use (according to our Floor Graphics application tips)

Vinyl Floor Graphics EasyDot Print N Walk Product Features

  • 200 µm structured, white, monomeric soft-PVC
  • “easy dot” adhesive technology
  • R9 certified (IFA DIN 51130), after being printed with Latex- and UV-curable inks
  • fire classification according to EN 13501-1 incl. UV-curable inks (class B – s1)

Other floor graphics materials

For best results, you need a very high-resolution image. These can be taken using a camera or phone at their highest settings or you can download of various websites. Our favourite website to get high-resolution images from is Shutterstock.


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