Window Grip Repositionable Window Stickers

Window Grip Repositionable is a revolutionary peel and stick, self-adhesive material that can be installed internally looking out so you can get your message to your customer from inside. You can easily remove and reuse over and over again. Unlike Self cling there are mini dots of adhesive that sticks to the window and will stick stronger and longer than self-cling.

We back our stickers with white ink so your message isn’t lost.

Window Grip Repositionable Window Stickers Bubble free and wrinkle-free graphic

Have you ever tried to stick a vinyl graphic to a window and found bubbles and creases appearing? Window Grip will solve your headaches. It has a special dot patterned adhesive that allows air to flow between the bubbles of adhesive making installing Window Grip very easy. You won’t need to hire any professionals or need any special tools.

With printing using our HP Latex Green Printers, the image quality is amazing as good as vinyl. Also with a matt finish, there is less reflection from lights so your message stands out.

Window Grip Repositionable Window Stickers Material Overview

  • 125mic PET film
  • clear as glass, self-adhesion material
  • many times repositionable without loss of adhesion force
  • easy and residue-free removable
  • highest colour brilliance and photorealistic print quality
  • good scratch- and water resistance after complete drying
  • high dimensionally stable
  • polyester is 100% recyclable
  • can be cut to shape

*Wastage charge may apply otherwise.

Uses for Window Grip Repositionable Window Stickers

Easy to apply graphics that can be reused inside or outside. Great for advertising stickers that anyone can fit and if you make a mistake peel off and try again!

Ideal decoration for business rooms, reception areas, exhibitions, lobbies, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, sky lounges and anywhere a unique image is needed.