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How to stand out with Textured Printing

Textured Printing

How to stand out with Textured Printing

Did you know you can create a print that feels like it was printed on wood? Or, add a tactile canvas texture to any image, on any material? Creating these textured printing applications and many more can be accomplished using EFI’s multilayer printing technology available on EFI™ VUTEk® superwide hybrid and roll-to-roll printers equipped with white and/or clear ink print capability.

Watch our how-to video on creating an image with a visible texture on rigid or flexible substrates. The textured graphic shown in the video was created using two images with a white flood in the middle. The finished three-layer file prints all in one pass. This technique allows you to create more expensive material textures, such as carbon fiber, on less expensive base substrates.

Textured printing is an up-and-coming technique that always attracts attention. Try it and see what a difference it makes as an image enhancement!

See the difference. Our “Layering White & Clear Ink Idea Book” shows you how you can layer white and clear ink for all kinds of other amazing and creative ideas.

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How to stand out with Textured Printing