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Window Graphics how to stand out

Window Graphics with white ink

Window Graphics how to stand out – Create Dynamic-Window Graphics with White and Clear Inks

Using white and clear inks can transform any design into a stunning, eye-catching display. For example, we recently outfitted the floor to ceiling glass doors and windows to all conference rooms at our new EFI Center for Innovation in Londonderry, NH with printed graphic film.

EFI™ customer 4Walls Media Group designed the window graphics with white ink to create opacity and bold patterns, then used clear ink in other parts of the design to create areas of translucency within the frosted colour. 4Walls then printed the graphics onto LINTEC window film using their VUTEk® H2000 Pro hybrid flatbed/roll-fed printer. The finished graphic effect provides both privacy for meetings inside the conference rooms and allows visibility of movement from the outside. The rooms are equipped with matching chairs and printed wall coverings, which complete the colourful design concept.

Watch the YouTube video of the installation of the window graphics printed on LINTEC materials.

EFI VUTEk H2000 Pro and VUTEk GS2000LX Pro and GS3250LX Pro with UltraDrop Technology hybrid printers are equipped with multi-layer print capability and come with the option to choose two channels of white ink or one clear and one white channel. You can use any of those printers to create similar privacy or dynamic window graphics, and much more.

Window Graphics how to stand out – Get creative

  • Use colour, white and clear to transform the ordinary to extraordinary!
  • Multilayer capability provides two-way viewing (colour/white/colour)
  • There is a huge variety of substrates suitable for glass and wall decoration
  • Select a metallic or coloured substrate to further enhance your final graphic
  • Download our Layering White and Clear Idea Book for more inspiration!

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Use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The possibilities are endless!

Window Graphics how to stand out