Personalised Photo Slate printed from online order

Personalised Photo Slate

We have just produced some beautiful Photo Slates. The customer supplied a digital image and we then printed this on our Dye Sublimation printer and heat-pressed it onto the Photo Slate.

If you would like to create an amazing Personalised Photo Slate for a present for a family member or friend then just upload your image and let us know any message you would like to be printed on the Photo Slate if you would like. There is a choice of three sizes.

Order our Personalised Photo Slate below!

What is a photo slate?

A photo slate is a natural rough-cut slate that makes a perfect unique gift. With contrasting, robust edges and the perfect flat surface made out of natural stone means your favourite photo or image is displayed in a truly unique way.

How do you put a photo onto the slate?

We print your image on a dye sublimation printer and then heat-pressed on onto the photo slate.

Are Photo slates waterproof?

Yes, the print and the photo slate are waterproof.

What sizes are available for the Personalised Photo Slates?

We currently have three sizes 19 x 19cm, 12 x 22cm and 15 x 20cm

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